Content Generated With AI vs Content By Humans

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Content Generated With AI vs Content By Humans

This blog will help you decide whether or not to use content generated with AI vs content by humans. After reading this blog, you should feel better equipped to make a decision on whether to use AI to create content or do it yourself.

Does Google Prefer Content Generated With AI vs Content By Humans?

Google has stated, they prefer “content written by people”, whereas they’re now focusing on looking for quality content. Meaning quality content is preferred no matter how it was generated.

In the latest Google Search, Helpful Content Update, their policy “written by people” has now been replaced by the statement “content created for people”. This change shows that Google acknowledge the use of AI as a tool for content creation. Instead of focusing on the difference between AI and human created content, they want to focus on highlighting valuable and beneficial content for users.

Although Google is looking to move past the concept of “content written by people” they’re still aiming to reward original, valuable, human written content.

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Could AI hurt SEO?

In short, yes. If AI created content is published without editing, prepare to have some phone calls from customers regarding spelling and grammar mistakes, and questionable English. Even with the advances made in AI, the information it generates is compiled from the internet. This may mean that it’s taken information from other business’ sites, maybe even your competitors. AI can also create content that is quite repetitive, you’ll want to go through and pick out the best bits.

SEO is aimed at rewarding those with quality, informative content. It also favours those that have content that’s user friendly and valuable to those on the internet. Putting poorly worded, mistake ridden content on your site, not only takes away from your services, but you are hurting your SEO score.


AI is a great tool to use when creating informative content, however we recommend that you are sure to go through and edit. Your best option is to go through with a fine tooth comb, fixing up any mistakes in spelling and grammar, as well reducing the amount of repetitive paragraphs. You also want to make sure that the information AI has collected is all relevant to your business. For example: one roofing company may specialise in Colorbond roof repairs, they don’t want information about terracotta tile repairs in their content.

Google’s current standard is to focus on content quality rather than separating AI generated content from human contributions. However, as systems evolve, and AI proliferates, the standards may change.

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