Website Hosting

Fast, secure, Australian based hosting

Website Hosting

Fast, secure, Australian based hosting

Website Hosting Services

Every website needs a home, but there are so many options out there. Choosing the right web hosting company can be overwhelming. Is the cheapest ok, or will the higher-priced service be better? Should it be hosted in Australia, or is it overseas, alright?

What Is Website Hosting, And Why Is It Essential?

Website hosting is the foundation of any online business. It allows companies to establish an online presence by allowing their website to be accessible via the internet on a server. Website hosting is a service that provides space and bandwidth. Also, storage capacity should be required to keep a website running smoothly. The importance of website hosting must be balanced. Especially in today’s digital age, online presence is crucial for a business to grow and stay competitive.
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Moreover, it ensures that a company’s website is available to customers 24/7. It promptly resolved any issues to keep the site up and running. Additionally, website hosting offers a range of security features. To protect a company’s data from cyber-attacks or data breaches. Website hosting is critical to a business’s online success and should be a top priority for any company, regardless of size.

Benefits Of Professional Website Hosting Services

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Consider several aspects when creating a website. One of the most crucial aspects is the choice of website hosting service. Opting for a professional website hosting service with several benefits is essential.
Thus, professional website hosting services offer increased reliability. Yet, faster loading speeds and improved security for your website. With 24/7 technical support, you can rest assured that any issues or concerns will be addressed immediately.

Hence, ensuring your website remains up and running without glitches. Opting for professional website hosting services can help you create a seamless web experience for your visitors, leading to increased traffic and sales.

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Daily Backups

If anything ever goes wrong with your site it’s easy to restore from a backup, minimising any down time.

Lightning-Fast, Reliable Performance

Our infrastructure is optimised to give your site maximum uptime and super fast page speeds.

Private Server (VPS)

Traffic to other sites has no impact on your site’s performance. It’s not sharing resources with anyone.

Servers Located In Australia

Means faster load times for locals. Combined with our world-class CDN any international visitors will also see exceptional page speeds.

Automatic Updates

We take care of all minor and major WordPress and Plugin updates, keeping your site safe from security threats. When a new PHP version is released we update that too for maximum security and performance.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the hosting within the 1st month, we’ll refund your money and help you transition to another hosting provider.

Excellent Support

Excellent support – We are available to help with any hosting issues you may have.

Specifically Tuned For WordPress

We deal exclusively with WordPress sites so we can offer the best service to our clients.

Hacker Free Security

Our platform was designed to protect WordPress site from threats. No security plugins required.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate included – SSL certificates are auto renewed so there’s no down time

Free Migration

Free website migration – we’ll migrate your website to our hosting service for free.
Emma Pitt
Emma Pitt
Think Local Digital have been taking care of our Google Ads and SEO for years now and have done an amazing job.
Rod McKenzie from Think Local Digital has been amazing. He is great at explaining how to do things for my Business on Google and I am so pleased with the progress I am now making. He is calm, relaxed, patient and knowledgable about SEO process and Google management for business. Thank you Rod.
Rod and Karen provide a great service and very happy with all their work. Thank you for all your support with our business
Anna Marie A
Anna Marie A
I recently enjoyed working with Think Local Digital, a top-tier Digital Marketing Agency. I needed help boosting my online presence, and their SEO and Google ads services were exactly what I was looking for. The level of expertise they possess in these areas is truly impressive. Not only did they help me improve my online visibility, but they also provided me with exceptional website design and updates, including website hosting services. The quality of their work and their timely delivery exceeded my expectations. Additionally, their mentoring sessions were invaluable to me and my team. We received valuable insights into maximizing our digital marketing efforts and driving traffic to our website while optimizing our conversion rates. Overall, I highly recommend Think Local Digital to anyone needing digital marketing services. Their professionalism, expertise, and fresh perspective on delivering results are outstanding. I do not doubt that partnering with them will be one of the best decisions you make for your business.
Mark Emery
Mark Emery
Karen, Rod and their team have taken my failing marking/website and turned it around 100%. The work and quality of leads generated by their expertise has been amazing. I was very despondent and getting ripped off by other marketing agency's. The other Marketing agency's had very poor results for investment and there were never ending ploys to want you to spend more and then we can show results. With TLD they had a clear plan/strategy to achieve the results i was looking for whilst being cost effective. I can't thank them enough for the way they have transformed my digital online presence. Look forward to future with the TLD team.
Jimmy Linden
Jimmy Linden
I have done three 1-hour sessions with Rod to help me understand more about keywords, SEO and backlinks. Rod has been very helpful and is clearly very skilled in what he does. I would strongly recommend working with Rod if you need to grow your digital skills. Thanks heaps!
Sanjee Wijekoon
Sanjee Wijekoon
It was a pleasure working with both Rod and Karen on optimising Google my business page, relevant Google reporting tools and setting up Google ads to increase overall online presence of my small business. Their wealth of knowledge, experience and willingness to help is commendable. I highly recommend both Rod and Karen for any small business owner!
Karen Setches
Karen Setches
Highly recommend George at Complete Step! He is treating my Plantar Fasciitis with an amazing laser machine. Fantastic, quick results with this new technology. George has been so kind and compassionate regarding my pain, and has gone above and beyond to help me become pain free as soon as possible.
Kath Kath
Kath Kath
Karen was well informed and prepared for our planning session. She answered all the questions I had and gave great insight. This session highlighted areas of my business to work on and future development areas. Thankyou again
Talya Pecen
Talya Pecen
I highly recommend working with Karen and Rod for your digital marketing needs. Their expertise in SEO and Google Ads is great! I have been working with them for over a year now and their delivery of services has consistently exceeded my expectations.

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