About Think Local Digital

We’re a boutique digital marketing agency. Dedicated. Focused. Consistent.

About Think Local Digital

We’re a boutique digital marketing agency. Dedicated. Focused. Consistent.

About Us

We develop relationships based on integrity, transparency and trust with our employees, clients and business partners. We love to work with people who appreciate value.

Think Local Digital has a culture where we truly care about our clients and want them to succeed. We are your local internet marketing company.

Our Vision

To be a respected internet marketing agency, who helps like-minded people grow their businesses and improve their lifestyle.

Official Google Partner

Think Local Digital is an Official Google Partner, specialising in the management of small businesses Google Ads Campaigns and Google Business Profile.

Passionate About Our Clients

Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding service tailored to every one of our clients — big or small.

We have a team of people who work together to create an excellent offering for any small to medium business looking to partner with a digital marketing agency.

When you come on board as a client, you get access to an Account Manager, Google Ads Specialist, SEO expert, Website Designer, ​Local Internet Marketing for small businesses, and Copywriter.

We take the time to understand your business and work with you to help you achieve your goals. We know how small business works because we are one!

Rod McKenzie started to Think Local Digital after 25 years of IT, sales, and marketing jobs in many industries. With a broad range of experiences with many businesses, Rod and the team have a wealth of knowledge to help any small to medium business navigate the digital marketing landscape.

We have a win-win culture. Everything we do revolves around helping you grow your business and improve your life. Choose us as your digital marketing boutique partner and experience the difference we can make for your business.

Our Team

Rod McKenzie


Rod completed a degree in Applied Science with a major in computing methods. He’s worked many jobs in the IT industry and also has sales & marketing experience. With Karen, he started Think Local Digital in 2015 after running a local newspaper.

He has a wealth of practical knowledge when it comes to helping SME’s grow their online presence.

Being an avid tennis player who is very competitive he spends a lot of his free time on the court. He finds no more enjoyment than beating young ‘up- and-coming’ players who think he’s an ‘old hack’.

Growing up on a farm in Gippsland he has lots of scars. Example – his younger brother cut off his little finger with a tomahawk while ‘chopping wood’.

When not in front of a computer he can be found walking the family dog ‘Diesel’.

He’s been married to Karen for over 20 years and has 3 beautiful kids.

Karen McKenzie

Client Manager

Karen worked in a variety of industries including hospitality, shipping, fundraising for NRMA Careflight and more before moving into advertising and marketing for small business and tradespeople.

She and Rod began Think Local Digital in 2015 after several years of running a paper advertising product. As a client manager her duties include liaising with clients during website builds and Google Ads campaign set ups and management. She also does the invoicing and chasing up money. So if you are late paying bills, you’ll be talking to her a lot.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves hosting gatherings at home where everyone can mingle and catch up.  She spends her Sunday mornings at Church where she volunteers in a few different capacities. She loves helping people.

She’s into Keto so don’t offer her anything with sugar or carbs – her willpower is questionable.

Carrie Rogers

Google ads Guru

Carrie has spent time working a range of different industries up and down the east coast of Australia. From managing cinema complexes, working in both the insurance and finance industries, and even spent time working at a school camp. She finally found her space working at Think Local Digital with Rod and Karen.

She has known both Rod & Karen for many years and couldn’t say no to a job offer back in 2018. With her undying need to shop online, surf the internet and analyse data, she has found the right job to match her hobbies.

Working for TLD gives Carrie the perfect work/life balance that is sought by many. She is the mum to two amazing kids living on the Queensland coastline and enjoying everything the perfect lifestyle has to offer.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, spending time outside and running around after the kids. She loves ‘Dad jokes’ and won’t hesitate to tell one if the opportunity presents itself.

Chris Mattern

Digital Marketing Assistant

Chris’ role within Think Local Digital is a digital marketing assistant. The key activities performed each day are around website design and maintenance, office administration, updating Google Business Profiles and monthly SEO activities.

Her strengths lie in analyzing data. She is very process driven and loves helping people.

Outside of work Chris loves trying new things and collecting experiences.

She loves her cat (Devon Rex) “Freddie” and relaxes with gardening, fixing stuff around home and has been known to do the odd rollerblading!

Collins Kiprono

WordPress Master

Collins is Think Local Digital’s resident WordPress guru. He’s the one we turn to with any design or technical issue relating to WordPress websites.

When Collins is not solving the worlds WordPress problems, he can be seen hiking and going to the beach at least once a month.

He grew up in a rural area and moved to the city for school. He loves it so much he hasn’t moved back.

He has a degree in Business Information Technology and at the moment is taking short courses on Computer Science. He enjoys troubleshooting and figuring out what can improve user experience on a website.

Paris McKenzie

 Digital Marketing Assistant

Being a digital marketing assistant at Think Local Digital, Paris’ key activities revolve around technical admin. She helps with the maintenance of client websites, updating Google Business Profiles and monthly SEO activities.

Outside of work Paris is a woman of many talents but her passion lies with dancing. She has completed a 3 year full time dance course and is currently auditioning for many jobs within the performing arts industry, across Australia and abroad.

In her spare time Paris likes to immerse herself in the great outdoors, go to the beach, play with her dog and listen to music. Paris’ favourite colour is orange and she has a heart shaped mole between her toes.

Paris McKenzie bio pic


 Google Ads Enthusiast

Introducing Jack, a Google Ads enthusiast with a thirst for knowledge and a knack for exploration. Starting out in the world of online advertising, He found himself intrigued by the complexities of digital marketing. Outside of work, Jack enjoys delving into various subjects through research, constantly seeking to broaden his understanding of the world. When he’s not optimizing campaigns or diving into data, you can often find him immersing himself in the latest video game, finding a perfect balance between work and play.

Summer McKenzie

 Digital Marketing Assistant

Summer’s role at Think Local Digital is peforming technical admininstration. She helps with the maintenance of client websites, updating Google Business Profiles and monthly SEO activities.

She also works part time in retail while studying a university degree in health science.

Outside of work Summer likes to go to the gym, hangout with friends and has a very busy social schedule.

Emma Pitt
Emma Pitt
Think Local Digital have been taking care of our Google Ads and SEO for years now and have done an amazing job.
Rod McKenzie from Think Local Digital has been amazing. He is great at explaining how to do things for my Business on Google and I am so pleased with the progress I am now making. He is calm, relaxed, patient and knowledgable about SEO process and Google management for business. Thank you Rod.
Rod and Karen provide a great service and very happy with all their work. Thank you for all your support with our business
Anna Marie A
Anna Marie A
I recently enjoyed working with Think Local Digital, a top-tier Digital Marketing Agency. I needed help boosting my online presence, and their SEO and Google ads services were exactly what I was looking for. The level of expertise they possess in these areas is truly impressive. Not only did they help me improve my online visibility, but they also provided me with exceptional website design and updates, including website hosting services. The quality of their work and their timely delivery exceeded my expectations. Additionally, their mentoring sessions were invaluable to me and my team. We received valuable insights into maximizing our digital marketing efforts and driving traffic to our website while optimizing our conversion rates. Overall, I highly recommend Think Local Digital to anyone needing digital marketing services. Their professionalism, expertise, and fresh perspective on delivering results are outstanding. I do not doubt that partnering with them will be one of the best decisions you make for your business.
Mark Emery
Mark Emery
Karen, Rod and their team have taken my failing marking/website and turned it around 100%. The work and quality of leads generated by their expertise has been amazing. I was very despondent and getting ripped off by other marketing agency's. The other Marketing agency's had very poor results for investment and there were never ending ploys to want you to spend more and then we can show results. With TLD they had a clear plan/strategy to achieve the results i was looking for whilst being cost effective. I can't thank them enough for the way they have transformed my digital online presence. Look forward to future with the TLD team.
Jimmy Linden
Jimmy Linden
I have done three 1-hour sessions with Rod to help me understand more about keywords, SEO and backlinks. Rod has been very helpful and is clearly very skilled in what he does. I would strongly recommend working with Rod if you need to grow your digital skills. Thanks heaps!
Sanjee Wijekoon
Sanjee Wijekoon
It was a pleasure working with both Rod and Karen on optimising Google my business page, relevant Google reporting tools and setting up Google ads to increase overall online presence of my small business. Their wealth of knowledge, experience and willingness to help is commendable. I highly recommend both Rod and Karen for any small business owner!
Karen Setches
Karen Setches
Highly recommend George at Complete Step! He is treating my Plantar Fasciitis with an amazing laser machine. Fantastic, quick results with this new technology. George has been so kind and compassionate regarding my pain, and has gone above and beyond to help me become pain free as soon as possible.
Kath Kath
Kath Kath
Karen was well informed and prepared for our planning session. She answered all the questions I had and gave great insight. This session highlighted areas of my business to work on and future development areas. Thankyou again
Talya Pecen
Talya Pecen
I highly recommend working with Karen and Rod for your digital marketing needs. Their expertise in SEO and Google Ads is great! I have been working with them for over a year now and their delivery of services has consistently exceeded my expectations.

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