Google ads what am I charged for?

Google ads

Google ads what am I charged for?

In short terms, you are charged for clicks – not impressions.
Let me give you some more context…

Impressions are the times that your ad has won a place in a Google search auction and is shown on the Google search results. This doesn’t mean the top of the first page of results but any ad positions.
On average, there are 3 Ads at the top of the page above the organic search results, and then there are 2 – 3 at the bottom. This depends on the product or service being searched and the number of businesses offering that product/service in that area at the time of the search.

An example: I am located in Queensland, and it is 10 a.m., and I am searching for someone selling sunscreen. This will be a dense marketing space, so there should be plenty of Ads on the search page. But, if I were searching for fleecy winter coats, I would likely have few ads showing.

When your ad is then clicked on

When your ad is then clicked on, this will cost you money. The amount will depend on the auction and how many competitors were vying for the same keyword in the same location at the same time. It will also depend on your campaign’s budget and how much the greatest cost per click was set on that keyword or ad group.

Many variables go into how much a click can cost, and I have scratched the surface. Ultimately, Google wants the flow from start to finish to be smooth and direct. From the moment someone loads onto the Google search page, puts in their search phrase, to the ad’s content, and then finally to the landing page on the website. If they all contain the same or relevant information, then Google’s algorithms are happy with this and reward you with a lower cost per click. This is part of Google’s Best Practices and something achieved in all our campaigns.

Talk to your Google Guru

If you feel you are paying too much per click, it is time to talk to your Google Guru. They can give you some insight into the cost and potential options to bring it down.