Where Do My Google Display Ads Show?

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Where Do My Google Display Ads Show?
Get your brand noticed with Google search campaigns! These eye-catching text ads appear on the Google Search Network, right on the search engine results page. Your ads will be there whenever someone searches a relevant keyword and all the targeted criteria, including budget, are met. Stand out from the competition and appear above or below organic search results, ensuring user query relevance.
Your ad’s position will depend on a particular ad’s ranking when the search is conducted. The order is partially due to how much you are willing to pay, keywords, location, time of day, relevance, etc.

Here is an example of a Google Search Ad. They generally comprise 3 headings, a display URL, and two descriptions. Then, you can add extensions such as a phone number, address, promotion, and other service or product offerings.

Google display ads campaigns show eye-catching images with some written content on the Google Display Network. Google has an extensive inventory of millions of websites featuring your advertising. This impacts a suggested 90% of all internet users and is known as the Google Display Network. Other parts of the Google display network are mobile apps, YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and many more.
We are introducing audience-based Display Ads: tailored to your target audience. Reach car enthusiasts with high-end car detailing ads, or engage parents with a children’s play centre. Our Google Gurus are here to create the perfect audience data for your needs. Start maximizing your ad impact today.

Here is an example of Google display ads.

Google shopping campaigns on the search page! Discover visually appealing images with price tags that grab your attention. They appear above the regular search results, providing limited but valuable information.
Boost Your Shopping Campaigns for Guaranteed Success!
Discover the secrets behind the scenes that will make your ads shine. Enhance your product feed configuration and optimize your descriptions and images to achieve remarkable campaign results.
Price is also an essential factor here. This campaign type will list your ads with other ads targeting the same product in the same area, with price lists. It is about users comparing what’s available that suits their needs.

Shopping campaigns do increase the visibility of your products and are a great way or increasing sales on your website. Here is an example of a shopping campaign listing.

If you have any other questions, contact our Google Guru, who can assist you with your Google shopping ads.