What is the ideal Google Review Score?

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What is the ideal Google Review Score?

Ideal Google Review Score

For an ideal Google review score multiple studies tell us that you don’t want a perfect 5.0 Google My Business review score. Clickthroughs and leads actually decline, which in turn could mean fewer conversions if you’ve got a perfect score on your Google Business Profile. And here’s why:

If a business has lots and lots of reviews and they are all 5.0 it is human nature to suspect something is not right, as we all know that no one is perfect.

According to High-Level Marketing, 30% of consumers assume the reviews are fake when there are no negative reviews.  There is nothing wrong with receiving a negative review from time to time, it is more important that you provide a thoughtful response that is not generic, as this only shows you don’t care.

A better approach in addressing your Customer’s feedback is to contact them to address what happened to try to turn the situation around and even admit fault if a mistake was made.

If potential consumers can tell that you truly care about your customers and did your best to try to rectify the situation, that bad review actually becomes a positive factor in their decision process.

The Best Google Review Score For Google Business Profile

Although a wide range of studies consider a rating of 3.3 – 4.9 to be ideal.  A number of studies also suggest a much narrower range somewhere between 4.2 – 4.6 to be optimum. However, typically increasing your rating leads to more engagement by way of clicks, a store visit, phone call or a request for directions.

It’s important to strive towards having a decent amount of reviews and a goal toward more reviews than your competitors. Most important is to keep reviews coming in consistently as one survey found 84% of consumers believed that reviews older than 3 months weren’t relevant.

In Conclusion

The more positive google reviews your business has the better. A higher average score is better than a lower one.

If you have negative reviews, be sure to address them and admit if there was a mistake. This will help your business get in the range for an ideal Google review score.

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