What is the October Google Algorithm Update?

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What is the October Google Algorithm Update?

Google’s October 2023 Core Update has now been completed; the October Google Algorithm Update aims to improve rankings by promoting quality content. This post will cover the update, how it may have affected you and tips on how to combat any negative affects. For a more in depth description of the Google Algorithm Update, visit our “Google’s Helpful Content System Update” blog.

What Is The Google Core Algorithm Update?

These core updates target primary search algorithms, in the aim to improve rankings in search results and demote low-quality sites. Google are looking to improve user experience by promoting websites that provide quality, trustworthy information. And helps people find what they’re looking for.

How Does The Google Algorithm Update Affect Your Business?

During the update rollout you may have seen daily fluctuations in visibility and positioning on Google and other search engines. As Google processes the changes, and audits your site it my have caused it to go up or down. Now that the update is completed, you may notice an increased visibility and traffic to your site, or it may have caused the opposite affect, and caused it to drop. We recommend that you practice patience, and routinely monitor your site analytics.

Ways You Can Make A Positive Change

If you think your business has been impacted, we recommend that you do a site wide audit of your content, and make changes where necessary. Identifying areas for improvement, can help you recover ground you may have lost during the rollout of these Google updates. Bringing focus to helpful, relevant and insightful content, as well as providing a positive user experience will help you grow your business. If you’re struggling to increase your visibility on Google, give Think Local Digital a call today, on 1300 206 444.

At Think Local Digital, we provide SEO and Website Design services based on two things, customer experience and relevant content. We aim to provide your customers with exceptional experiences when engaging with your business content. Our vision is to grow your business online, and we can help you do just that.

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