Why can’t I find my ads in search results?

Google ads

Why can’t I find my ads in search results?

There are many reasons that you may not see your own ads when searching for yourself on Google. One of the first things we look at is your campaign and see if there are any errors like disapproved ads or paused ad groups/campaign. A disapproved ad means that there is something in the content of the ad that doesn’t meet Googles guidelines. It could be a double space, too many capital letters, or sometimes there are words that are not allowed to be used or copyright violations.

Another thing to consider is your ad schedule. Are you searching at the same time your ads are meant to be showing? Have you scheduled your ads to show on weekends, or after work during the week? When would you expect clients to look for you?
Something to keep in mind is that you will not show every time your keywords are searched. Whether your ads appear depends on several factors, such as budget and competitors ads competing for the same search phrases. Not even McDonald’s reaches the top of the search results for every fast-food search.

Please also keep in mind that if you repeatedly search for your own business on Google but don’t click on your ad, you may stop seeing the ad after a while. That is because Google’s system recognises your computer and stops showing ads that it thinks you aren’t interested in. Note: Don’t click on your own ad, as this costs you money.

The location targeting for your campaign could also stop you from seeing your ads. Your ads will be set up to appear for customers located in the areas where you want your ads to show. If you’re not in your selected location, you won’t be able to find your ad by searching for it.

If you would like to see how an ad is performing, look at your Google ad dashboard for more information. You can filter the dates in the top right corner, and filter by ad groups, keywords, time and much more. Otherwise, the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool is another great place to see how your ads look in the search results.

Let us know if you require any help in using any of the Dashboard or Ad Preview features on your Google Ads and we will be happy to help you. Otherwise, if you have any other questions, please contact your Google Guru who can keep you up to date with how your ads are running.